About Marko


I'm Marko. That's my artist name, not my real name.

I've been creating, mainly drawing, all my life. But when I discovered a 3D software (Blender) 6 years ago, this is when I started to really get passionate about creating. Since then, I've been making a wide range of 3D art, and I developed a special interest in 3D animation and video in general.

1996 kid

I try my best at being creative, both visually and intellectually. Visually, a lot of different styles influence my artwork (as you can see in Guido), such as photography, graffiti, comics, lowpoly. Intellectually, I'm interested in fiction that questions society and our future. The effects of nature (resources and climate) and technology (that could resolve issues related to nature) will likely have an impact on our lives. I like to think about the issues we will face or we have to face for our future. Being creative will lead us to provide a vision of this future, and I want to contribute to it.

Here are some of my projects

Guido, my first short film, shows the visual styles that I find interesting. The actual story, if there is one, is not that great.

I am constantly working on other projects (check out my instagram), like SOMA, a visual representation of Huxley's famous drug in his novel Brave New World.

My main project is MOON3000, an animated film about a dystopian future involving life on the moon and on the earth. It is interesting to imagine some kind of history that might happen in the future, to think about today's global issues by visualising some possible future society. My main area of interest is resources, climate and the technology involved : should we invest in technology, seek close-to-artificial life depending on technology, or stick to nature ? This question, among many, involves a wide range of perspectives such as politics, science, sociology, cultural studies,...

This project is in its early days, though:)